1992) == Deaths == === January–June === January 5 – Martis Karin Ersdotter, Swedish businesswoman (born 1829) January 6 – Lars Hertervig, Norwegian painter (b.


1 1900-1933 (1997) pp 55–68; global coverage of politics, diplomacy and warfare.


== Events == === January === January 1 * The first college football bowl game, the Rose Bowl between Michigan and Stanford, is held in Pasadena, California. * The Nurses Registration Act 1901 comes into effect in New Zealand, making it the first country in the world to require state registration of nurses.


1940) May 30 – Giuseppina Projetto, Italian supercentenarian, last surviving person born in 1902 (d.

he International Yearbook A Compendium Of The Worlds Progress During The Year 1902 (1903) coverage of each state online 1902 Annual Cyclopedia (1903) online; highly detailed coverage of "Political, Military, and Ecclesiastical Affairs; Public Documents; Biography, Statistics, Commerce, Finance, Literature, Science, Agriculture, and Mechanical Industry" for 1902; massive compilation of facts and primary documents; worldwide coverage; 865pp Wall, Edgar G.

The British Empire yearbook (1903), 1276pp; covers 1902 online Gilbert, Martin.


Berryman, American political cartoonist, recipient of the 1950 Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Cartooning (d.

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