It is the Athletics' first championship since 1930, when the franchise was in Philadelphia. October 24 – Jackie Robinson, the first black player in modern Major League Baseball history, dies at his home in Stamford, Connecticut at the age of 53. October 25 * The first female FBI agents are hired. * Belgian Eddy Merckx sets a new world [record] in cycling in Mexico City. October 26 – Following a visit to South Vietnam, U.S.


Consequently, Whitlam becomes the first Labor Prime Minister of Australia since the defeat of Ben Chifley in 1949.


These draft candidates are never called to duty. February 3–13 – The 1972 Winter Olympics are held in Sapporo, Japan. February 4 – Mariner 9 sends pictures as it orbits Mars. February 15 * President of Ecuador José María Velasco Ibarra is deposed for the fourth time. * Phonorecords are granted U.S.

Separately in 1972, Paul Berg also recombines DNA in a test tube.

The team is renamed the Taiheiyo Club Lions. November 7 – 1972 U.S.


They publish their results in November 1973 in PNAS.


It becomes public knowledge only in 2010 that a local Catholic priest was an IRA officer believed to be involved in the bombings but his role was covered up by the authorities. === August === August 1 – U.S.

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