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In the credits, the words unscrambled themselves to reveal his name. The title of King Crimson's 1982 song Thela Hun Ginjeet is an anagram of "heat in the jungle". ===Coincidences=== In Hebrew, the name "Gernot Zippe" (גרנוט ציפה), the inventor of the Zippe-type centrifuge, is an anagram of the word "centrifuge" (צנטריפוגה).


Among contemporary anagrammers, Anu Garg, created an Internet Anagram Server in 1994 together with the satirical anagram-based newspaper The Anagram Times.


Examples: Homer Hickam, Jr.'s book Rocket Boys was adapted into the 1999 film October Sky. The tapes for the revival of the BBC show Doctor Who were labeled with the anagram Torchwood, which later went on to be used as the name for a spin-off show.

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