Calligra Mobile's development was initiated in summer 2009 and first shown during Akademy / Desktop Summit 2009 by KO GmbH as a simple port of KOffice to Maemo.

Later Nokia hired KO to assist them with a full-fledged mobile version, including a touchscreen-friendly user interface which was presented by Nokia during Maemo Conference in October 2009.


The first alpha version was made available in January 2010.


The package is labeled as “highly experimental” and “not yet suitable for daily use”. The Calligra team originally scheduled to release the final 2.4 version in January 2012 but problems in the undo/redo feature of Words and Stage required a partial rewrite and caused a delay.

On 19 October 2014 a Linux version was presented. The website was replaced by a placeholder in early September 2012.


In 2013 Jolla launched Sailfish Office.

Sailfish Office reuses the Qt Quick components from Calligra Active. In September 2013 a merger of Krita and Krita Sketch, named Krita Gemini, was launched on Windows 8.1.

The other reviewed components – Plan, Stage, Sheets, and Krita – were praised in terms of stability and intuitiveness. Calligra 2.7 was reviewed by LinuxUser in its October 2013 issue.


On 5 March 2014 Krita Sketch and Gemini were also released as part of Calligra 2.8 for non-Windows platforms. In April 2014 Intel and KO GmbH extended the promotion deal to Gemini versions of Stage and Words.

On 28 August 2014 the first snapshot of Calligra Gemini was released by KO GmbH for Windows.

On 21 November 2014 KDE announced that Calligra Gemini would officially be released as part of Calligra 2.9.

On 19 October 2014 a Linux version was presented. The website was replaced by a placeholder in early September 2012.

Source for negative criticism was once again Words' stability, although Drilling noted improvements in this regard. Network World editor Bryan Lunduke wrote about Calligra 2.8 in March 2014: “Karbon is an astoundingly nice vector design tool, and Flow, a diagramming tool, is incredibly handy from the design point of view as well.

[…] And Words is a great word processor.” In August 2014 he wrote: “Calligra Suite has become a staple of my workflow even on non-KDE desktops.” Linux Insider also reviewed Calligra 2.8, concluding “Calligra Suite is a solid offering that has grown considerably since branching out from its traditional KOffice roots.


The domain now redirects to In Autumn 2015 Krita was split off into a project independent from Calligra, with the then current 2.9 versions though still developed as part of Calligra 2.9. == Components == == Reception == Initial reception shortly after the 2.4 release was positive.


Its tools fills the needs of writers, artists, content designers and office workers.” In 2017, wrote: “[If you do not] depend on proprietary formats [...] especially .xls, .xlsx and .doc [...] and you use KDE it's worth trying.

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