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Billiards grew to the extent that by 1727, it was being played in almost every Paris café.


The footless, straight cue as it is known today was finally developed by about 1800. Initially, the mace was used to push the balls, rather than strike them.


The first viable substitute was celluloid, invented by John Wesley Hyatt in 1868, but the material was volatile, sometimes exploding during manufacture, and was highly flammable. ===Tables=== There are many sizes and styles of billiard tables.


Some of the best players of straight billiards developed the skill to the balls in a corner or along the same rail for the purpose of playing a series of to score a seemingly limitless number of points. The first straight rail professional tournament was held in 1879 where Jacob Schaefer Sr.


Now the game is generally a well-known game and has many players of all different skill levels. ==As a sport== The games with regulated international professional competition, if not others, have been referred to as "sports" or "sporting" events, not simply "games", since 1893 at the latest.


Spinks and chemist William Hoskins in 1897) is made by crushing silica and the abrasive substance corundum or aloxite (aluminium oxide), into a powder.


The first World Snooker Championship was held in 1927, and it has been held annually since then with few exceptions.


It was not until 1961 when the film "The Hustler" came out that sparked a new interest in the game.

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