Demographics of the Cayman Islands


The largest numbers of expatriates living in the Cayman Islands (as of the government's 1999 Census Report) hail from Jamaica (8,320), the United Kingdom (2,392), the United States (2,040), Canada (1,562), Honduras (873) and 800 Indian citizens.


There were only 98 Hindus in the Caymans according to the 2000 census (about 0.25% of the population).


In the 2008 census, the number of Hindus increased to 510 (1% of the total population).


The 2010 Census showed the number of Hindus decreasing to 454 (0.8% of the total Cayman Islands population). ==References== ==External links== Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce UNESCO report on education in the Cayman Islands Caymanian society


The remaining 20% belong to various immigrant ethnic groups. According to CIA factbook of 2013, Caymanian people of mixed-race of mixed black African and white European ancestry are the plurality ethnic group in the Cayman Islands, accounting for 40% of the country's population, with white 20%, black 20%, and expatriates of various ethnic groups 20%. ==Language== The official language of the Cayman Islands is English.

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