Flaming (Internet)


This is a reference to both The Human Torch of the Fantastic Four, who used those words when activating his flame abilities, and to the way text processing programs of the time worked, by placing commands before and after text to indicate how it should appear when printed. The term "flaming" is documented in The Hacker's Dictionary, which in 1983 defined it as "to speak rabidly or incessantly on an uninteresting topic or with a patently ridiculous attitude".


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The meaning of the word has diverged from this definition since then. Jerry Pournelle in 1986 explained why he wanted a kill file for BIX: He added, "I noticed something: most of the irritation came from a handful of people, sometimes only one or two.


Ongoing discussion of current celebrities and television personalities within popular culture also frequently sparks debate. In 2005, author Anne Rice became involved in a flame war of sorts on the review boards of online retailer Amazon.com after several reviewers posted scathing comments about her latest novel.


Rice responded to the comments with her own lengthy response, which was quickly met with more feedback from users. In 2007, tech expert Kathy Sierra was a victim of flaming as an image of her depicted as a mutilated body was spread around online forums.


In 2012, it was announced that the US State Department would start flame trolling jihadists as part of Operation Viral Peace. Among the characteristics of inflammatory behavior, the use of entirely capitalized messages, or the multiple repetition of exclamation marks, along with profanity have been identified as typical. ===Flame war=== A flame war results when multiple users engage in provocative responses to an original post, which is sometimes flamebait.

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