Frederick I, Holy Roman Emperor


To garner political support the German Empire built atop the Kyffhäuser the Kyffhäuser Monument, which declared Kaiser Wilhelm I the reincarnation of Frederick; the 1896 dedication occurred on 18 June, the day of Frederick's coronation. In medieval Europe, the Golden Legend became refined by Jacopo da Voragine.


He is portrayed as a military leader, willing to conquer city-states and disliking their suzerains. ==See also== German monarchs family tree Dukes of Swabia family tree Operation Barbarossa, the codename of the German invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941. ==Notes== == References == === Citations === === Sources === Primary sources Otto of Freising and his continuator Rahewin, The deeds of Frederick Barbarossa tr.


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Gelasius Dobner (1764)[ Secondary sources ==External links== MSN Encarta – Frederick I (Holy Roman Empire) (Archived 2009-10-31) Famous Men of the Middle Ages – Frederick Barbarossa Charter given by Emperor Frederick for the bishopric of Bamberg showing the Emperor's seal, 6 April 1157 .

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