German submarine U-155 (1941)


Her keel was laid down on 1 October 1940 by DeSchiMAG AG Weser in Bremen as yard number 997.


She was launched on 12 May 1941 and commissioned on 23 August with Kapitänleutnant Adolf Piening in command.


She sank a warship and a troop transport ship, and damaged a cargo ship, with one salvo of four torpedoes on 15 November 1942 during her fourth patrol, and shot down a P-51 Mustang aircraft on her final patrol. ==1st patrol== U-155 left Kiel on her first patrol on 7 February 1942.

On the 10th the First Watch Officer (1WO) Oberleutnant zur See Gert Rentrop was washed overboard. The boat docked at the Lorient U-boat base on the Atlantic coast of German-occupied France on March 27. ==2nd patrol== Having left Lorient on 24 April 1942, U-155 steamed to the eastern Caribbean Sea and that portion of the Atlantic adjacent to it.

Piening replied: "So do I". Maschinengefreiter Konrad Garneier was lost overboard during an air attack on 19 August. In all, the boat sank ten ships, a total of 43,514 tons. ==4th patrol== Three of a spread of four torpedoes hit targets, one aal (eel: U-boat slang for torpedo), damaged , a US Navy-requisitioned cargo transport; two others sank escort carrier and the British troop transport Ettrick on 15 November 1942 northwest of Gibraltar.


Piening was relieved in February 1944 (after being promoted to Korvettenkapitän), by Oberleutnant zur See Johannes Rudolph. ==Design== German Type IXC submarines were slightly larger than the original Type IXBs.

The boat had a complement of forty-eight. ==Service history== Leutnant zur See Ludwig von Friedeburg relieved Rudolph from August to November 1944, when Rudolph resumed command for another month.

126 Squadron RAF and on 23 June 1944, Mosquitos of 248 Squadron attacked, killing Matrosenobergefreiter Karl Lohmeier and Mechanikerobergefreiter Friedrich Feller and wounding seven others.

Her patrol terminated at Lorient the same day. Her tenth and final patrol left Lorient on 9 September 1944, the last by a U-boat from the base.


Erwin Witte took over, and was relieved in April 1945 by Oblt.z.S.

On 4 May 1945, the boat shot down a North American P-51 Mustang aircraft of No.


The wreck was located, largely intact, in 2001. U-155 conducted ten patrols, sinking 26 ships totalling , one warship of 13,785 tons and damaging one auxiliary warship of .

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