German submarine U-20 (1936)


Her keel was laid down on 1 August 1935, by Germaniawerft of Kiel as yard number 550.


She was commissioned on 1 February 1936.


The boat had a complement of twentyfive. ==Operational history== ===1st, 2nd and 3rd patrols=== U-20's first three patrols involved observation (in August 1939) and the laying of mines in the North Sea and off the British east coast.


U-20 was obliged to stay submerged for four hours and returned to base with various mechanical failures. Near the end of sally number ten, a crew member from who had been taken sick, was transferred to U-20 on 4 August 1943.


U-20 sank the Soviet Vaijan Kutur'e on 16 January 1944 off Cape Anakria. ===15th patrol=== The boat sank Pestel on 19 June 1944 off Trabzon.

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