Land's End


The contact zone between the Land's End granite pluton and the altered ″country rocks″ is nearby and the Longships Lighthouse, offshore, is built on the country rock. ==History== In 1769, the antiquarian William Borlase wrote: Of this time we are to understand what Edward I.


The character Dr Syntax was invented by the writer William Combe in his 1809 comic verse The Tour of Dr Syntax in Search of the Picturesque, which satirised the work of seekers of the "picturesque" such as William Gilpin.


In 1878 people left Penzance by horse-drawn vehicles from outside the Queens and Union hotels and travelled via St Buryan and Treen, to see the Logan Rock.


One of the earliest was by Carlisle who left Land's End on 23 September 1879, went to John O'Groats House and arrived back at Land's End on 15 December; taking 72 days (exclusive of Sundays); covering .


Starting at Land's End they covered in thirteen days in July/August 1880.


In the build-up to D-Day American troops were billeted in the hotel leaving the building in a bad state. Land's End was owned by a Cornish family until 1982, when it was sold to David Goldstone.


In 1987, Peter de Savary outbid the National Trust to purchase Land’s End for almost £7 million from David Goldstone.


He sold both Land's End and John o' Groats to businessman Graham Ferguson Lacey in 1991.


The current owners purchased Land's End in 1996 and formed a company named Heritage Great Britain PLC.


Within the complex is the Land's End Hotel. In May 2012, Land's End received worldwide publicity as the starting point of the 2012 Summer Olympics torch relay. ===End to end=== Land's End is either the start or finishing point of end to end journeys with John o'Groats in Scotland.

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