Macao Garrison


The People's Liberation Army Macao Garrison is a garrison of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA), responsible for defense duties in the Macau Special Administrative Region (SAR) since the sovereignty of Macau was transferred to China in 1999. The PLA stations between 500-600 troops in Macau, primarily as a symbolic presence to underscore Chinese sovereignty.

General Liu Yuejun 1999–2002 Maj.

General He Xianshu 1999–2001 Maj.

da Esperança across from Hotel Venetian and Galaxy Macau). There are more troops at the barracks in Zhuhai (Zhengling). == See also == Military of Macau under Portuguese rule Hong Kong Garrison Macau Liaison Office == Notes == == References == == External links == People's Liberation Army Ground Force Military in Macau Southern Theater Command 1999 establishments in Macau Military units and formations established in 1999


General Liu Liangkai 2001–2003 Maj.


General Liu Lianhua 2002–2008 Maj.


General Yang Zhongmin 2003–2006 Maj.


General Li Wenchao 2006–2007 Maj.


General Zhao Cunsheng 2007–2008 Maj.


General Wang Yuren 2008–2010 Maj.

General Xu Jinlin 2008–2013 Maj.


General Zhu Qingsheng 2010–2014 Maj.


General Ma Biqiang 2013–2014 Maj.


General Wang Wen 2014–2018 Maj.

General Zhang Zhimeng 2014–2017 Maj.


The members of the garrison are mainly ground force troops. ===2017 Typhoon Hato=== At the request of Macau SAR Government, the PLA Macao Garrison was deployed to assist in disaster relief and cleaning up in the aftermath of Typhoon Hato in August 2017, the first time for domestic affairs in Macau history.


General Liao Zhengrong 2018 Maj.


General Xu Liangcai 2019–present Political Commissars Maj.

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