That he was often victorious in battle is presented as adding to his aptitude, comparable to a number of former military officers who have achieved the US presidency. ==References== ==External links== Martok at Television characters introduced in 1995 Fictional chancellors Fictional characters missing an eye Fictional generals Fictional military strategists Klingons Deep Space Nine characters


Tara Bennett called him "legendary." In 2016, ScreenRant ranked the character Martok as the 12th best Star Trek character overall, in between Worf (#13) and Sarek (#11).


They describe Martok as a "Klingon's Klingon", but instead of being obsessed with battle he appears as "battle-worn, flinty, and grateful to be alive", while Victor Grech highlights the instances where Martok embraces warfare. In 2018, CBR ranked this character 10th best recurring character of all Star Trek. Producer Ira Steven Behr's impression from "The Way of the Warrior" was "Gee, this guy Martok is great", and he decided to make him a recurring character.


In particular, Hertzler felt it gave the same air to Martok as Christopher Plummer's character in The Undiscovered Country. In 2020, Hertzler talked about developing the character: "As a stage actor you usually get some weeks to rehearse, if you get lucky, and then you go on.


Now I am still doing it 25 years later!" In an interview in 2021, with Heavy Hertzler, noted for playing Martok, discussed how it was working with the cast of Deep Space Nine.

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