Osman I


However, Osman's current tomb dates back to the time of Sultan ʻAbdü'l-ʻAzīz (1861–1876 CE), because the first tomb was completely destroyed in a severe earthquake that struck the region in 1855 CE, it was rebuilt by the aforementioned Sultan.


The Ottoman Empire will last till 1918 CE, where it collapsed alongside the other Central Powers, after their defeat in the First World War.


One endowment written in Persian and dating back to 1324 CE, indicates that Osman was given the titles Muḥiuddin (Reviver of the faith) and Fakhruddin (Pride of the faith). Osman's descendants are distributed today in several American, European and Arab countries after the royal Ottoman family was expelled from Turkey in 1924 CE shortly after the declaration of the Republic, by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.


Eventually, several family members returned to Turkey, after the Turkish government allowed the females to return in 1951 CE.


However, male descendants had to wait until 1973 CE to be able to enter Turkey again.

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