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In 1987, Tiptree killed her ailing husband Huntington Sheldon before shooting herself.


It was initiated in February 1991 by science fiction authors Pat Murphy and Karen Joy Fowler, subsequent to a discussion at WisCon. In addition to the award itself, the judges publish what was originally known as the "Tiptree Award Honor List", which they describe as "a strong part of the award's identity and (...) used by many readers as a recommended reading list." The award was originally named for Alice B.


The Tiptree cookbook The Bakery Men Don't See, edited by WisCon co-founder Jeanne Gomoll, was nominated for a 1992 Hugo Award.


Smith, with Fowler remaining closely involved). == Award to the Tiptree Motherboard == In 2011, the Science Fiction Research Association gave its 2011 "Thomas D.


Due to controversy over the appropriateness of naming an award after Tiptree, the committee administering the award announced on October 13, 2019 that the award would be renamed the Otherwise Award. == Background == === Choice of the Tiptree name === By choosing a masculine nom de plume, having her stories accepted under that name and winning awards with them, Alice Sheldon helped demonstrate that the division between male and female science fiction writing was illusory.

To remind audiences of the role gender plays in both reading and writing, the award was named in Sheldon's honor at the suggestion of Karen Joy Fowler. === Controversy and name change === In 2019, controversy arose over the appropriateness of naming an award after Tiptree.

On September 2, 2019, in response to these requests, the Motherboard made a statement that "a change to the name of the Tiptree Award is [not] warranted now"; but nine days later, on September 11, they announced that the award "can’t go on under its existing name".

On October 13, 2019, the Tiptree Motherboard released an announcement stating that the Tiptree Award would become the Otherwise Award, drawing on Black queer feminist scholarship around what is termed "otherwise politics".

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