Radio Free Albemuth


Fremont (FFF for 666, ‘F’ being the 6th letter in the alphabet) becomes Chief Executive in the late 1960s following Lyndon Johnson's administration.


Originally titled VALISystem A, it was his first attempt to deal in fiction with his experiences of early 1974.

Dick himself is a major character, though fictitious protagonist Nicholas Brady serves as a vehicle for Dick's alleged gnostic theophany on February 11, 1974.

Dick Novels published posthumously Fiction set in 1974 American alternate history novels Arbor House books Science fiction novels adapted into films


Dick, written in 1976 and published posthumously in 1985.


Dick, written in 1976 and published posthumously in 1985.

Arbor House acquired the rights to Radio Free Albemuth in 1985.


Filming took place in October 2007 at Los Angeles' Lacy Street Studios and multiple other locations.


The film premiered in February 2010 at the Sedona Film Festival as a work in-progress.


It was released as a limited release (and VOD) on June 27, 2014. ==References== ==Sources== ==External links== 1985 American novels 1976 science fiction novels American novels adapted into films Dystopian novels Novels by Philip K.

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