Strait of Gibraltar


This enclave was first established in 1704 and has since been used by Britain to act as a surety for control of the sea lanes into and out of the Mediterranean. Following the Spanish coup of July 1936 the Spanish Republican Navy tried to blockade the Strait of Gibraltar to hamper the transport of Army of Africa troops from Spanish Morocco to Peninsular Spain.

On 5 August 1936 the so-called Convoy de la victoria was able to bring at least 2,500 men across the Strait, breaking the republican blockade. ==Communications== The Strait is an important shipping route from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic.


From September 1941 to May 1944 Germany managed to send 62 U-boats into the Mediterranean.


From September 1941 to May 1944 Germany managed to send 62 U-boats into the Mediterranean.


This proposal would however have devastating effects on the local climate and ecology and would dramatically change the strength of the West African Monsoon. ==See also== List of straits Mediterranean Basin Vendavel, Westerly wind Floating suspension bridge ==References== ==External links== Climate Control Requires a Dam at the Strait of Gibraltar—American Geophysical Union, 1997.


Evaporating the first 100 meters or so would raise Sea Level 1 meter in about 100 years. Project for a Europe-Africa permanent link through the Strait of Gibraltar—United Nations Economic and Social Council, 2001.


There are ferries that operate between Spain and Morocco across the Strait, as well as between Spain and Ceuta and Gibraltar to Tangier. === Tunnel across the Strait === In December 2003, Spain and Morocco agreed to explore the construction of an undersea rail tunnel to connect their rail systems across the Strait.


Accessed 26 February 2006.

Accessed 26 February 2006. Estudios Geográficos del Estrecho de Gibraltar—La Universidad de Tetuán and La Universidad de Sevilla.


Gone 12 February 2010.


While the project remains in a planning phase, Spanish and Moroccan officials have met to discuss it as recently as 2012, and proposals predict it could be completed by 2025. ==Special flow and wave patterns== The Strait of Gibraltar links the Atlantic Ocean directly to the Mediterranean Sea.

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