Telecommunications in Egypt


In April 1998, Egypt launched its own satellite known as NileSat 101.


In 2000, Radio Cairo introduced new specialized (thematic) channels on its FM station.

A second, digital satellite, Nilesat 102, was launched in August 2000.


Many of its channels are rented to other stations. Three new private satellite-based TV stations were launched in November 2001, marking a great change in Egyptian government policy.


Radio enjoys more freedom than TV in its news programs, talk shows and analysis. Starting 2003, Nile Radio Productions, a private company, was given license to operate two radio stations; Nile FM and Nogoum FM.


The highest available speed through ADSL technologies was upgraded to 8Mb in download in February 2008 and then to 24Mb later that year. The Egyptian ISP market is not competitive, at least in Cairo and Alexandria, with only 3 ISPs offering below-average speeds(Up to 16Mbit/s). Orascom, one of the shareholders in the leading cellular operator MobiNil, is also the biggest player in the Internet service provision market and owns 75 per cent of one of Egypt's largest ISP, LINKdotNET.


In the early 2009, Radio Masr was launched, broadcasting popular Egyptian songs, news & other programs. === Television === See also Egyptian television Egyptian ground-broadcast television (ERTU) is government controlled and depends heavily on commercial revenue.

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