Terror of Mechagodzilla


Throughout the remainder of the 1970s, several new Godzilla stories were submitted by various writers and producers.


The film was produced and distributed by Toho; it is the 15th film in the Godzilla franchise, serving as a direct sequel to the 1974 film Godzilla vs.

With help from Interpol, Godzilla then defeats Titanosaurus, who returns to the sea. ==Cast== ==Production== ===Development=== The original screenplay that Yukiko Takayama created after winning Toho's story contest for the next installment in the Godzilla series was picked by assistant producer Kenji Tokoro and was submitted for approval on July 1, 1974, less than four months after Godzilla vs.

Another noticeable change to the script is that of the final battle, which does not move to the countryside but instead would have reduced Tokyo to rubble during the ensuing conflict between the three monsters. After her initial draft, Takayama submitted a revised version on October 14, 1974.


Terror of Mechagodzilla, released in Japan as is a 1975 Japanese kaiju film directed by IshirĊ Honda, written by Yukiko Takayama, and produced by Tomoyuki Tanaka and Henry G.

The film was released theatrically in Japan on March 15, 1975.


The rest of the movie featured the audio from Saperstein's television version synced to video from the Japanese version. The first article about the movie's storyline was published in Japanese Giants #4 [https://archive.org/details/japanese-giants-issue-4/page/n19/mode/2up] in 1977, edited and published by Bradford G.


It received a limited release in the United States in 1978 by Bob Conn Enterprises under the title The Terror of Godzilla.

and on DVD in Taiwan by Power Multimedia. The film was given a North American theatrical release in March 1978 by independent distributor Bob Conn Enterprises under the title The Terror of Godzilla.

Saperstein, who sold the theatrical rights to Bob Conn Enterprises, also released the film to television in late 1978, this time under Toho's international title, Terror of Mechagodzilla.


It was not until 1984 and Godzilla's 30th anniversary that Toho would start production on a new Godzilla movie. ==Home media== The film has been released several times on DVD in the United States.


This went through a third revision on December 4, and then yet another on December 28 of that same year before it was met with approval and filming began. ===Filming=== This film is one of two Godzilla films with brief nudity (the other being 1994's Godzilla vs.

The 1994 Paramount release of Terror of Mechagodzilla listed a running time of 89 minutes on the slipcase, implying that this release would be the longer version first shown on American TV.


In a 1995 interview with G-Fan magazine, Saperstein was surprised to hear about this mistake.


In 1997 on Channel 4 in the U.K., three Godzilla movies were shown back to back late at night, starting with Godzilla vs.


The first release, by Simitar Entertainment, was on May 6, 1998 in a fullscreen version under the title The Terror of Godzilla.


The second release, by First Classic Media and distributed by Sony Music Entertainment, was on September 17, 2002.


This showing was uncut, including the Katsura nudity scene, but it did not have the Western-made prologue. In the mid-2000s, the television version showed up again on Monsters HD, and in 2007, it made its home video debut as the U.S.

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