Until the End of the World


Mori Lauren Graham as Heidi ==Production== Wenders began working on the film as early as late 1977, from an idea conceived by him from his first visit to Australia and thought it will be the perfect setting for a science fiction film.


Until the End of the World (Jusqu'au bout du monde; Bis ans Ende der Welt) is a 1991 science fiction drama film by German film director Wim Wenders.

in December 1991, on 4 screens.


box office gross was just under $830,000. In January 1992, reviewing the shorter version of the film, Roger Ebert gave the film 2 stars out of 4, describing the film as lacking a "narrative urgency" required to sustain interest in the story, and that it furthermore "plays like a film that was photographed before it was written, and edited before it was completed".


Wenders, whose career had been distinguished by his mastery of the road movie, intended this as the ultimate example of the genre. ==Plot== ===Act 1=== In late 1999, an orbiting Indian nuclear satellite is out of control and predicted to re-enter the atmosphere, threatening unknown populated areas of the Earth.


A version similar to that shown at these screenings was released as a 280-minute trilogy. A 4K digital restoration of the 287-minute director's cut was made in 2014 from the original Super 35mm camera negative, and was commissioned by the Wim Wenders Foundation and supervised by the director and his wife Donata, at ARRI Film & TV Services Berlin, with the support of the CNC.


at several art house theaters in the fall of 2015 as part of a retrospective tour of Wenders' filmography by Janus Films.

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